Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When Organizing Isn't Enough

As a professional organizer I believe that our environments should reflect who we are, what we value and our current life goals. Sometimes we get bogged down and find ourselves feeling "stuck" in life. Sometimes it's our clutter and stale old things that clog our minds, our schedules and our homes. If we let it, our stuff can steal away our peace and keep us from living in the moment and moving toward the direction of our truest and most fulfilling life goals.

As I've worked with client after client over the years to help them decide when it's time to finally let go of what's holding them back whether it's bad habits or a bad mitten racket they have never used (and never will) my ideas about organizing have evolved and changed.

A few months ago I began reading a new book that really addresses the change aspect of organizing. Change must take place on many levels for organizing to be successful.

Are you eager to make a change...but unsure what's next? Then read Julie Morgenstern's book When Organizing Isn't Enough SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life. In this book Julie walks you through a four step plan she calls SHED.

S-Separate the treasures--This is where you decide what is truly worth holding onto.

H-Heave the trash-What's weighing you down?

E-Embrace your identity-Who are you without all your stuff?

D-Drive yourself forward-Which direction connects to your genuine self?

Julie's 4 step plan helps you get unstuck and she talks about more than just throwing out your stuff. She helps you look at your life as a whole, determine your goals and where you want to go in life and then she walks you through the process of deciding what will support you along the way and helps you let go of the rest!

This book can help you get motivated to create real change in your life. If you read it and still feel like you need help moving forward call on one of the many Professional Organizers out there willing and able to help you do it!

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Nicole said...

I love "SHED" what a wonderful concept and very easy to remember. I will share this with my clients too!


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I work out of a home office without any administrative support. I worked with Melissa to organize both my personal and professional effects as I prepared to relocate. I wish I had done it years ago. While organizing my office and paperwork Melissa identified my natural tendencies and created an organizational structure that was easy for me to maintain. When I began looking for a personal organizer, I mostly wanted someone else to come in and take care of the mess I had allowed to build up over the years. Working with an “uninterested” party during the purging process helped me lighten my load considerably. During the process Melissa provided me with simple intuitive skills that have not only allowed me to maintain my newly found order but help friends and family organize as well. I can honestly say hiring Melissa is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Kelsi Reeves