Monday, April 28, 2008

Coupon Organizer

If you like to use coupons but don't have a good way of keeping them organized, you might like this product for organizing grocery coupons. For those of you like me who have found yourselves in a grocery isle wishing you had that coupon you left at home, or digging through your purse trying to save 50 cents this might help you put those coupons to use and save you some money. However, before you go to the trouble of organizing coupons (or anything) make sure you ask yourself if you really use coupons enough to make it worth organizing them to this extent. Some people need something as simple as an envelope because they only save and use a few coupons now and then. But if you use coupons regularly and need a better organizing system then check out Mrs. A's Grocery Coupon Organizer.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just have to share this!

Isn't this the cutest hamper??
Maybe it makes laundry more fun...probably not--but it's still cute!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Busy Bee is Back!

Hi all,
Sorry I've taken such an extended vacation from blogging. To be honest, I started to feel like I was spending too much of my free time on the computer and my neck was telling me "no more!" I hope you'll forgive me! Spring is finally here in full force and I have been working on some great organizing projects in the last few weeks. Some with clients and some of my own. Saturday I cleared out some paint cans and some other "junk" from my own basement because our town home association arranged for The Junk Army to pick up junk in our development. It was such a great thing! They don't take flammable stuff (paint thinner etc.) but they do take latex paint which was nice. I just kept the paint colors we have used in the past few years and tossed a bunch that was here when we moved in three years ago. It felt great! I also recently rearranged and reorganized my little tool/garden shed a few weeks ago. I was reminded that it only takes about 20 minutes in a space like a basement, garage or shed to make a huge difference. So my advice is don't put those areas off because you think you have to do it all at once and that it will take hours of blood sweat and tears. Take 20 minutes and just get busy--and if you are working outside like I have been, watch out for the bees! Seriously, I know the experts are saying there aren't as many bees anymore--I think they must all be hanging out at my place!


Take a look at some of my organizing success! (Photos and text used with permission.)


Cluttered Desk


Clean and Clear of Clutter

Chaotic Shelf

Neat and Tidy Home Office

Client Feedback

I work out of a home office without any administrative support. I worked with Melissa to organize both my personal and professional effects as I prepared to relocate. I wish I had done it years ago. While organizing my office and paperwork Melissa identified my natural tendencies and created an organizational structure that was easy for me to maintain. When I began looking for a personal organizer, I mostly wanted someone else to come in and take care of the mess I had allowed to build up over the years. Working with an “uninterested” party during the purging process helped me lighten my load considerably. During the process Melissa provided me with simple intuitive skills that have not only allowed me to maintain my newly found order but help friends and family organize as well. I can honestly say hiring Melissa is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Kelsi Reeves