Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Finally! An Organizing Magazine!!

Great news! A friend of mine informed me that there is now an organizing magazine called Organize magazine! How cool is that?! Not too long ago I had a conversation with my husband about the fact that there were no magazines dedicated to organizing (which I was really craving). We even dreamed of being the ones to change that fact...I guess I missed that boat--Oh well, maybe I can get published in this one someday! :) It seems like the organizing industry has really gained momentum even in the short time I've been involved. I can't wait to check it out!

P.S. I just looked at the website and it's $20 per year to subscribe. NAPO members pay $15 for a year. Bonus!

Monday, June 11, 2007

This Week's Discussion Topic

Organizing Sheds, Garages and Storage Spaces
Now that summer is here, I'm sure you have all been in and out of your sheds (don't you love the one above? I wish it was mine!) and/or garages as much as I have been. Once inside, have you had the pleasure, as I have, of wrangling stray golf clubs or broom sticks, digging for garden gloves, corralling balls of various sizes or tripping over scooters and bikes on the way to the helmets hiding in the back corner? If not, that's fantastic--you're doing better than I am! However, if you are still nursing your stubbed toe thanks to that misplaced scooter, not to worry--help is on the way!
This week let's share our ideas on how to organize these hard to control spaces. I especially can't wait to hear from those of you with children and oodles of sporting equipment to manage!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Organizing Computer CDs

Where do you keep all your computer CDs? Are they upside down on the corner of your desk, stuck somewhere between the papers on your desk, or maybe they have somehow made their way under your desk?

Until yesterday I just kept mine in a little black box and that seemed to work really long as I wasn't looking for anything specific. In my little black box labeled "computer disks" I found a mixture of blank CD-Rs, computer systems disks, disks for my cell phone, my mp3 player, some diskettes, computer games, Tax software, and a bunch of other random computer programs. It started to become clear that very few of the CDs were actually still living in their original cases. Since my husband had a similar box of disks in his office, I was finding a whole bunch of disks with no cases and cases with no disks. Not to mention that we had disks from the computer dark ages laying around.

Sound familiar? What to do? Well this is what I did. I gathered up all those disks and some nylon CD cases that we were not utilizing very well and started sorting. It only took about 15 minutes before I had all my CDs/disks sorted into these categories:

1. Disks that make our computers work or fix them when they are not working (systems type disks, Microsoft Windows etc.) If you know what on earth to call these kinds of disks, please enlighten me!)

2. Disks for phones, camera, mp3 players

3. Program disks (i.e. Tax Cut, AnyTime Organizer, Budget Software, Language Learning Programs, Business Card Maker, Games)

4. Picture CDs

5. Burned music CDs

6. Blank CDs and diskettes

7. Sell/Toss

Once I had the categories figured out I put my CD organizing cases to use. I also decided to take the disks out of their original paper covers and plastic cases and just keep the disks. If there was a useful booklet/insert I kept it to slide in behind the disk. As it worked out I used a tri-fold case to organize all the computer resources (see the first 3 categories above).
(The labels read: Program CDs, Computer, Phone/MP3/Camera)
Next I used a visor-style car CD organizer (not shown) that we were no longer using in the car to hold the burned CDs. The small square case I had was perfect for holding the picture CDs since I only have about 10 of those. As for my little black box labeled "computer disks"? Turns out it was the perfect place for all the blank computer disks and a few empty plastic cases. I didn't even have to change the label!
Now all the computer resources are stored in my husbands desk (since he knows what to do with them) and I have my little black box back where it belongs on my shelf. I'm in charge of the blank disks! :) The best part of it all is we know just where to look for each kind of disk and we know where to put new ones that come in. Even better, I didn't spend a dime! I just used what I had at home and my handy dandy label maker--yes I did label each case and the 3 categories in the tri-fold case for sure! As my husband says, "It's all about the labels."

I would love to hear how you organize your computer CD collection.


Take a look at some of my organizing success! (Photos and text used with permission.)


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Client Feedback

I work out of a home office without any administrative support. I worked with Melissa to organize both my personal and professional effects as I prepared to relocate. I wish I had done it years ago. While organizing my office and paperwork Melissa identified my natural tendencies and created an organizational structure that was easy for me to maintain. When I began looking for a personal organizer, I mostly wanted someone else to come in and take care of the mess I had allowed to build up over the years. Working with an “uninterested” party during the purging process helped me lighten my load considerably. During the process Melissa provided me with simple intuitive skills that have not only allowed me to maintain my newly found order but help friends and family organize as well. I can honestly say hiring Melissa is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Kelsi Reeves