Monday, June 11, 2007

This Week's Discussion Topic

Organizing Sheds, Garages and Storage Spaces
Now that summer is here, I'm sure you have all been in and out of your sheds (don't you love the one above? I wish it was mine!) and/or garages as much as I have been. Once inside, have you had the pleasure, as I have, of wrangling stray golf clubs or broom sticks, digging for garden gloves, corralling balls of various sizes or tripping over scooters and bikes on the way to the helmets hiding in the back corner? If not, that's fantastic--you're doing better than I am! However, if you are still nursing your stubbed toe thanks to that misplaced scooter, not to worry--help is on the way!
This week let's share our ideas on how to organize these hard to control spaces. I especially can't wait to hear from those of you with children and oodles of sporting equipment to manage!


Anonymous said...

Its all about hooks to hang things. Regardless of the size of the shed or garage you definitely want to preserve your ground space as much as possible. Anyone have any ideas for the simplest hanging systems for a shed or garage?

Angela said...

I love this site. I need you to come and help me organize my garage. I wish you were closer. Come visit me at ...I will continue to visit your site and hope that your organization vibe will rub off on me.

Busy Bee said...

Thanks, Angela! I would love to help you organize your garage--even if it's from 2,000 miles away! I wish I lived closer, too. I look forward to some good organizing advice from you--because I know you have plenty!

mothergoose said...

Here's some photos and ideas from our garage project last month!

Busy Bee said...

I love that you guys painted the walls and floor of your garage. I think that makes a huge difference in how you use and treat the space when you take the time to make it look good! Well done! I was also glad to see your bike hook choice since I just bought those for a client. Do you like how they work? Are they easy to use?

mothergoose said...

Yes, we like how they work just hook the tire on there and voila! Your client will love them, too.


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