Thursday, April 26, 2007

More Laundry Tips

To answer a few questions asked by mother goose...

Here' s a picture of the extra bins near my washer that I use for sorting brights and delicates. If a pop-up cube fit right I would use that but the dishpans do the trick, believe it or not!

For laundry rooms that are short on space you might consider this as a sorting option since they hold 2 loads of laundry yet are only 14"X14." You can buy a white one for white, a black for darks and a bright color for brights. Fun!
Note: The 3 bin sorters that are all connected and on casters are great but the ones like this that would fit in small spaces are not going to hold much. I bought a "cute" one at Target for a client that ended up being so small we thought the only thing it would be good for was doll clothes! We went with this sorter sold at The Container Store that was much better (I just noticed that it's still on sale--cool!). Just be careful not to choose a 3 bin sorter that is teeny tiny. Check your measurements before you buy!

I hope this helps. If not, keep the questions coming!


mothergoose said...

Okay I did some sorting thanks for your great help.

check it out here.

mothergoose said...

I went to the Container Store on Saturday (you knew that) but it was my first time in there, and I was really impressed. They had organizers for the most random things... (like for storing cable cords, extension cords, phone cords... I stocked up on those) it was so fun. They even had SEE-THROUGH PIGGY Banks in there... I've been looking for them forever and the Container store had them!! I should have known :)

Busy Bee said...

Had I known you were looking for see-through piggy banks I could have pointed you in the right direction. :) A client and I just bought 3 for her kids about a month ago. The kids just loved them! Aren't they cool? I have to tell you I was bummed that I was busy with my mom when I got the message that you would be at my favorite store in the whole wide world!! Maybe next time!


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