Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How To: Organizing the Fridge

Now, granted, I do not have children, do not particularly enjoy cooking, and dislike grocery shopping but I happen to absolutely love organizing my kitchen! With that said, I have always been interested in finding a better way to organize my fridge. It seems that I can never get the shelving configuration quite right, at least not enough to make it versatile and functional. And things seemed to always be finding new homes every time I peered in to find something to eat. Even after I decided that the deli drawer should, in fact, be used for sandwich fixing's it seemed to reach out and grab tortillas and other random foods.

What to do?...Well in my case the answer to that question has been--experiment! After many moons I think I may have found a configuration and some improvements that may work. Keep in mind this has not been tested yet and my fridge is not really full right now, but I liked what I did enough to get my label maker out and in my book, that's commitment! :) I posted a picture and as you can see, I assigned certain shelves and gave them a name. Although there is presently nothing but a tiny bit of egg salad on it, I designated one whole shelf to left overs. That should be enough space for us, but someone who cooks more might need more. I also used a bin/basket system (like I do in many other areas of my home) to corral like items. I used one for meat, one for bread and one for yogurt. I even used an open basket in my fruit drawer for my apples. They seem more inviting and easier to get to that way. One of my favorite things that I did was give my eggs their own little home. I moved my deli drawer up just high enough for them to slip comfortably underneath. I also took out a shelf that seemed to be taking up space in order to make more room. And there you have it--an organized fridge! The only problem I have right now is that I keep opening the fridge just to see how great it looks! We'll see how it holds up and in the meantime you might consider trying an idea or two in your own. Good luck and don't forget to comment and share your fridge success stories!


mothergoose said...

You're a mind reader! I saw
this post. while ago and thought it would be a time saver to label the fridge and wanted to see what you thought about it. Thank for the all the cool tips! I'll have to try it out one day.

Busy Bee said...

Something I have tried out recently and LOVED is having a turntable/lazy susan in my fridge for small things that don't fit in the door like frosting, sour cream, small tubs of left overs etc. It is so handy to spin around and see exactly what is there. I have it sitting on my "left overs" shelf.


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