Friday, March 16, 2007

Tip of the Week: Kitchen

Okay, this tip is going to seem really obvious to some of you, but it's a really good one for the kitchen. I used to think that I had to store all my glasses in one cupboard, all my plates and bowls in another cupboard and all my platters in another cupboard etc. Then I read something in the book Organizing Solutions for People with Attention Deficit Disorder by Susan C. Pinsky that showed a picture of a cupboard with no dishes stacked on top of each other and no nesting. I was intrigued, since for me nesting was getting in the way of putting clean dishes away quickly and easily. I also noticed that the dishes shown in that same cupboard were one complete set of dishes instead of all bowls or all glasses and mugs. So, even though I have more than one set of dishes and glasses that I enjoy using, I decided to make the cupboard directly above my dishwasher the "everyday dishes" cupboard (shown left). I chose one set of dishes that we use the most (with the exception of the deep bowls from another set that my DH uses every morning) and one set of glasses that we use the most and removed all others. I then designated a cupboard just a little farther away from the dishwasher for the secondary dishes (shown right) and glasses that we use less often. So I basically have two full sets of dishes that I love and use and I've noticed that having my most used "everyday" set of dishes so close to the dishwasher makes putting away dishes a breeze! So spend 30 min. and "get busy and bee organized" in your kitchen today!


Shelese said...

You're going to give a tip every week? How fun! I think our cupboards are set up this way but I'll double check...

Shelese said...

I checked and they were. I think those are the only two semi-organized cupboards in my kitchen though so I lucked out.

Melissa said...

Well, you know your organized if my tips seem like no-brainers! :) I think it's because of my "like-with-like" mentality that I sometimes think of the most convenient way to do something last! And for the record, I know those are the only organized cupboards in your kitchen. In fact, I would love to hear any of your tips, especially related to keeping 3 children organized!


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